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Why Pickswise Is The Home Of The Best Free Expert NFL Picks For The 2023 Season

There are just 18 weeks in the NFL regular season with a maximum of 16 games per week, but NFL betting is easily the most popular North American sport amongst bettors. Our expert handicappers have decades of industry experience where they have honed in on their craft to provide the best insight, analysis, and value picks here at Pickswise. All of our NFL picks are completely free, including our picks straight up, and against the spread.

Free NFL Picks Explained

There’s almost an infinite way to bet on the NFL, from NFL picks against the spread, over/under, NFL Parlays, NFL Prop Bets, daily fantasy sports, or even scoreboard squares, there is a bet type for every kind of football fan. Some bettors like to specialize in a single particular type of NFL pick, while others like to have a diverse range and bet on anything they feel is a value pick. Here at Pickswise, we’ll have something for everyone with our team of handicappers leaving no stone unturned ahead of every game in 2023.

Free NFL Picks Against the Spread

The most popular way to bet on the NFL is against the spread (ATS). With these wagers, you are not picking a simple winner or loser of a game. Instead, ATS betting is placing your money that Team A wins by a certain amount of points or that Team B will keep the game closer than oddsmakers expect.

For Example

Philadelphia Eagles -7 – Philadelphia must win by 8 or more points to cover the spread.
Chicago Bears +7 – Chicago must win, or lose by 6 or fewer points to cover the spread.
Tie Scenario – If the game ended 27-20 to Philadelphia, the spread would be a tie, or a push and stakes would be returned.

A fun stat worth noting is that the team that covers the spread wins the game outright around 80% of the time.

Free NFL Over / Under Picks

Another exciting way to still get in on the NFL action is with total wagers. In these bets you don’t take a side, but whether the two teams will combine to score over or under the total number of points that the oddsmakers have set. Already since sports betting has been legalized we’ve seen many occasions where a hail mary, missed FG or XP has cost over or unders bettors, so be prepared to be in for the long haul with your totals bets. We preview every game of the NFL season, providing expert insight into the game alongside NFL picks which will always include a pick on the over/under market in every game of the NFL season.

Money Line NFL Picks

Ask any seasoned NFL bettor and they’ll tell you that ATS betting is exciting, but can also be frustrating. It is important to keep in mind that NFL teams are only looking to win by one, of course, they’d love to win by more, but they’ll change their schemes late on to secure a win, not to ensure they cover the spread. Your research could have given you the right side, but if they win by 6 instead of 7 your -6.5 bet is a loss. Therefore a lot of bettors like to keep it simple and take our expert NFL Money Line picks.

2023-24 NFL Schedule

This will be the 104th season in league history and is set to kick off with the NFL Kick-Off game on September 7th, hosted by the defending Super Bowl Champions Kansas City Chiefs, who host the Detroit Lions. The regular season will come to a conclusion on January 7th, 2024 with the NFL Playoffs scheduled to begin the following weekend on the 13th & 14th of January 2024. Super Bowl LVIII is scheduled for February 11th, at Allegiant Stadium in Paradise, Nevada, the home of the Arizona Cardinals.

NFL Picks This Week

You can find our latest NFL picks by week, all season long below:

Weekly NFL Picks
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NFL Wildcard Weekend Picks
NFL Divisional Round Picks
NFL Conference Championship Picks

Our NFL Football picks contain a pick on each of the three major markets available on NFL games, those being the money line, point spreads and points totals. These NFL Football picks will come alongside full analysis and the latest stats and trends to consider when betting and our confidence rating in those picks. You can also head to our NFL Football Best Bets page for the top plays on the week. Or looking for alternative football picks? then head to our College Football Picks page, where you’ll find the same level of coverage and expertise from the Pickswise handicapping team.

More Than Just NFL Football Picks

We also specialize in every major North American sport including the MLB, NBA, NHL, College Football, and College Basketball. Check out our site every single day for some of the best bets in every major athletic contest and make sure to follow us on social media as well.

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Statistical Approach to NFL Picks

It’s our goal to provide you with the best NFL picks in the market. Our expert handicappers are all specially selected and assessed prior to joining the team to ensure their analysis. experience and results are among the best in the industry. Each capper will put hours of research into each pick and many have built statistical models to find their moneyline, spread and over/under picks so you don’t have to. Check out all of our cappers’ free NFL picks here every week of the season.

Andrew Wilsher, Pickswise Managing Editor

NFL Picks Against The Spread - Free Football Picks | Pickswise (2024)


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