Dynasty Rookie Mock Draft: Superflex Expert Picks (2024 Fantasy Football) (2024)

Dynasty Rookie Mock Draft: Superflex Expert Picks (2024 Fantasy Football) (1)

The 2024 NFL Draft has come and gone. Now that this phase of the NFL offseason has ended, it’s on to fantasy football drafts for many leagues. That will often start with dynasty rookie drafts. We’ll have you covered with our dynasty rookie draft rankings and advice to help you dominate your leagues. Here’s a look at a dynasty rookie mock draft using our free draft simulator. We dive into a few of the picks below.

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Dynasty Rookie Mock Draft

Here’s a five-round, superflex dynasty rookie mock draft. We pick from the No. 7 spot. Here is the full draft board, and we dive into the dynasty rookie draft pick selection below.

Full Dynasty Rookie Draft Board

Dynasty Rookie Draft Pick Review

1.07 – Rome Odunze (WR – CHI)

No one should question Odunze’s talent. In his final season in college, Odunze ranked 18th in YPRR and 8th in PFF receiving grade. It is fair to wonder about his ability to earn targets in year one, as D.J. Moore and Keenan Allen will flank him. There are reasons to be hopeful for Odunze, though. Unlike Jaxon Smith-Njigba last year, Odunze can still have splash weeks this year because of his ability to stretch the field, as his 15.5 aDOT in 2023 attests, so he can maximize some lost volume with big plays. The volume of this passing attack could surprise us as well, though. In 2021-2023, under new Bears’ offensive coordinator Shane Waldron, Seattle ranked seventh in neutral pace and ninth in neutral passing rate. If the passing volume shocks the world and/or Keenan Allen or D.J. Moore misses any time, Odunze could outplay his ADP.
– Derek Brown

2.07 – Trey Benson (RB – ARI)

Benson will have to contend with a still-spry James Conner for touches all season. Yes, Conner hasn’t played more than 13 games in a season over the last two years, so Benson could get some run as the team’s starter in 2024. It’s impossible to project that with the uncertainty of injuries, but it has to be mentioned. Even in a 1B role to Conner, Benson could make some noise with big plays. Over the last two collegiate seasons, Benson has ranked 10th and third in breakaway percentage and 42nd and first in elusive rating (per PFF). With an offense that ranked fourth in neutral script rushing rate last year, there should be enough rushing volume weekly for Benson to have flex viability. He’s a priority handcuff this season with some standalone value.
– Derek Brown

3.07 – Jermaine Burton (WR – CIN)

Burton has a clear path to volume behind Ja’Marr Chase and Tee Higgins. He should be starting three wide sets from Day 1. Tyler Boyd has been a descending player for the last few seasons, and even as the team’s third wheel, he drew between 83 and 98 targets per season. Burton could push for 100-plus in his rookie season. The passing volume should be there, as Cincinnati was third in neutral passing rate last year when Joe Burrow was healthy and looking like his usual self. Off-the-field issues are the only reason that Burton was available when the Bengals selected him in the NFL Draft. Based on talent alone, he should have been at least a second-round pick and could have honestly pushed for a first-round selection. In his final season at Alabama, Burton was in the 90th percentile against single coverage and 82nd percentile in YPRR. If Tee Higgins gets moved prior to Week 1 or holds out, Burton’s stock will soar through the roof.
– Derek Brown

  • 4.07 – Audric Estime (RB – DEN)
  • 5.07 – Rasheen Ali (RB – BAL)

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Dynasty Rookie Mock Draft: Superflex Expert Picks (2024 Fantasy Football) (2024)


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