The Cheesecake Factory Lunch Menu With Prices & Hours [Updated June 2024] (2024)

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These 7 Spots In Bucks County Are Proof Hot Dogs Are More Than Ketchup Vs. Mustard Debate

There are many things to enjoy as the weather warms up — one of which is hot dog season.

From backyards to ballparks, the hot dog is a summer favorite that's tough to beat. And if we can press pause on the mustard versus ketchup debate for just a moment, you'll discover there's no limit to what can be put on top, or even underneath, a hot dog.

Here are seven spots where you can find some of Bucks County's most over-the-top hot dogs:

Cheese Dawgs, Bristol

Cheese Dawgs in Bristol Borough serves dozens of uniquely topped signature and specialty hot dogs. Pictured from front to back is the Wacky Mac, Pleasant Pig and Philly Surf &amp; Turf paired with a pint of Naked Brewing's Louie Lime lager.

With more than three dozen signature and specialty "dawgs" to choose from, Cheese Dawgs has made a name for itself by serving up regular and footlong hot dogs piled high with some of the most unique topping combinations around. Here's a glimpse at what they offer:

  • Philly Surf &amp; Turf: all-beef hot dog with cod, mustard and homemade pepper hash

  • Wacky Mac: all-beef hot dog with mac 'n beer cheese, Buffalo chicken and sriracha

  • Pleasant Pig: all-beef hot dog with pull pork, bacon, cheddar cheese and jalepeños

  • Substitutions are available, including turkey dogs, veggie dogs, gluten-free buns and even pretzel rolls.

    Want to put your appetite to the test? Consider entering their monthly Beast Challenge where partipants are up against the clock to finish a two-foot hot dog in 10 minutes or less to earn the title "Tamer of the Beast."

    Go:&nbsp;Naked Brewing Bristol Taproom, 212 Mill St. In Bristol; 267-554-7129;&nbsp;Cheese Dawgs on Facebook

    The Burgerly, New Hope

    The Dam Dog, a customer favorite at The Burgerly in New Hope, comes topped with pulled BBQ brisket chili, pickled cabbage and spicy mayo.

    Like its name implies, The Burgerly specializes in upscale, handcrafted burgers that are as eye-catching as they are flavorful. But if you're in the mood for another handheld treat, the Dam Hotdog is a customer favorite, which comes topped with pulled BBQ brisket chili, pickled cabbage and spicy mayo. Pair it with an order of fries and a sauce flight to make your meal complete.

    Go:&nbsp;137 S. Main St., New Hope; 215-693-1198;&nbsp;theburgerly.Com

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    Giovanni's DILLicious Pickles, Croydon

    The Pickle Hot Dog, available at Giovanni's DILLicious Pickles in Croydon, is made by stuffing an all-Kosher hot dog inside a cored and de-seeded dill pickle.

    Whether you simply love pickles or just need some comfort food without the carbs, Giovanni's Pickle Hot Dog might just be the most unique hot dog you'll find in Bucks County. Instead of a traditional bun, this hot dog comes nestled inside a dill pickle that's been hollowed out and de-seeded.

    Loaded Pickle Hot Dogs, available at Giovanni's DILLicious Pickles in Croydon, comes with a variety of toppings. Pictured from left to right is the Chicken Bacon Ranch, Cheese Bacon Ranch, Philly Dilly, BBQ, Tasty Taco, Buffalo Dilly and BLT.

    And if you relish the idea of a pickle dog with even more flavor, then one of their Loaded Pickle Hot Dogs are the way to go. Choose from BLT, Buffalo Dilly, BBQ, Cheese Bacon Ranch, Chicken Bacon Ranch, Tasty Taco or Philly Dilly.

    Go: 802 Bristol Pike, Croydon; 215-458-7270; giospickles.Com

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    Hang Over's Café, Quakertown and Warminster

    Hot dogs with unique toppings are on the menu at Hang Over's Cafe, which has food trucks in several locations including this one which can be found daily outside of Lowe's in Quakertown. Pictured from left to right is the Breakfast Dog, Hang Over's Signature Dog and the BLT Dog.

    Hang Over's Café has multiple food trucks, two of which can be found in Bucks County outside of Lowe's in Warminster and Quakertown, where they serve up a variety of handhelds, including loaded hot dogs, like their BLT Dog and Signature Dog.

    A recent addition to their menu that's quickly becoming popular is their Breakfast Dog, a deep-fried hot dog wrapped in fried Cooper cheese and topped with bacon crumbles, an over easy egg and onion straws.

    Go: 1001 S. West End Blvd., Quakertown; 425 Easton Road, Warrington; Hang Over's Café on Facebook

    Johnny Longhots, Fairless Hills

    Johnny's Dirty Dog, available at Johnny Longhots in Fairless Hills, comes with two fried hot dogs topped with chopped fresh ribeye, green peppers, onions and melted Cooper sharp cheese on a Liscio's seeded Italian roll.

    This Philly-inspired shop has a huge menu of jaw-dropping sandwiches that are so loaded up, there's no chance you're walking out hungry, and their hot dogs are no exception.

    Take Johnny's Dirty Dog, for example, which comes with two fried hot dogs topped with chopped fresh ribeye mixed with green peppers, onions and melted Cooper sharp cheese served in a Liscio's seeded Italian roll.

    An Italian Hot Dog, served at Johnny Longhots in Fairless Hills, comes with three all-beef hot dogs on a Liscio's seeded Italian roll topped with peppers, onions, potatoes and the option of mustard and ketchup.

    And then there's the Italian Hot Dog — their rendition of the Casino Dog which was a popular Trenton staple in the 70s and 80s. This beast of a sandwich comes with three all-beef hot dogs on a seeded roll topped with peppers, onions, potatoes and the option of ketchup and mustard.

    Go: 545 S. Oxford Valley Road, Fairless Hills; 267-202-6009; johnnylonghotsbucks.Com

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    The Speckled Egg Cafe, New Hope

    The muffuletta hot dog, which has appeared on the menu at The Speckled Egg Cafe, at Rice's Market in New Hope, Pennsylvania, comes topped with mortadella, provolone, olive tampenade, pepperoncini and cherry peppers.

    Located inside Rice's Market, The Speckled Egg Café is known for their elevated take on flea market food. Their menu, which changes regularly, always features some kind of hot dog with a twist on hot dog incorporating a diverse range of regional and global flavors.

    Some recent creations have included the Seattle Dog, made with an all-beef hot dog, cream cheese, caramelized onions and jalapeños served on a butter toasted potato roll; and their Banh Mi Dog, which comes topped with pickled daikon radish, pickled carrots, cucumber, cilantro, jalapeños and sweet chili garlic mayo.

    Go:&nbsp;The Speckled Egg Café at Rice's Market, 6326 Greenhill Road, New Hope;&nbsp;thespeckledegg.Net

    Snackdown Grille, Quakertown

    Snackdown Grille, a wrestling themed restaurant located inside the Quakertown Farmer's Market, serves up a variety of loaded hot dogs. Pictured from front to back is the Pedigree Dog served with F5 Fries, the Somoan Dog and the Elite Dog served with Power Bomb Fries.

    Get ready to put your hunger in a headlock at this wrestling-themed eatery inside the Quakertown Farmer's Market, where you'll find more than 20 different loaded hot dogs, many of which carry names inspired by popular wrestlers or their signature moves. Some of their Main Event dogs include:

  • Pedigree Dog: a hot dog with baked beans, homemade BBQ sauce, cheese, bacon and mustard

  • Samoan Dog: a hot dog with pepperoni, homemade BBQ sauce, bacon, cheese and ranch

  • Elite Chili Dog: a hot dog with chili, bacon, mustard, cheese and onion

  • Go:&nbsp;Quakertown Farmers Market, 201 Station Road, Quakertown; Snackdown Grille on&nbsp;Facebook

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    Reporter Michele Haddon covers local news, small business, economic development, community revitalization, art and culture for The Intelligencer and Bucks County Courier Times at PhillyBurbs.Com. Please considering supporting local journalism with a subscription.

    This article originally appeared on Bucks County Courier Times: Loaded hot dogs in Bucks County with unbelievable toppings

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    The Top 5 Hot Dogs You Have To Try This Summer [Opinion]

    It sure felt like summer kicked spring to a sizzling hot concrete curb this week.

    Ancient Romans expected "dies caniculares" in late summer, and the Old Farmer's Almanac calls for days of the dog star to heat up around July 3. But when the stars of Sirius align, I fire up the grill.

    Some folks find refuge from the heat in a slice of cold watermelon or melt into a soothing scoop of ice cream when temps tip the scale, but I crave the meaty snap of the unofficial sandwich of summer — the hot dog.

    But is the hot dog really a sandwich?

    The debate among bread-filling fanatics can get heated. Merriam-Webster may define it as such but the actions of John Montagu say otherwise.

    The 11th Earl of Sandwich, an esteemed member of the House of Lords who co-founded a restaurant chain focused on — you guessed it — sandwiches, sells tuna melts and meatball grinders but hot dogs are notably missing from the franchise menu.

    The Royal We, seven generations removed from sandwich's namesake, has spoken.

    Despite Lord Sandwich's notion and the National Hot Dog and Sausage Council's insistence that the hot dog deserves its own category, I celebrate it as the king of summer handhelds.

    If Mount Everest were made of sandwiches, PB&amp;J would be base camp and the hot dog, capped with mustard and onions, would be its peak.

    Other toppings are certainly worthy of this rare air, but I'm not one who relishes ketchup despite its proud Pittsburgh heritage. The sugary staple's place at the picnic table is a debate for another column.

    Like condiments, not all dogs are created equal.

    As a resident of Lancaster's Cabbage Hill, home of the world's largest hot dog making operation, I consider myself qualified to rank brands based on flavor, snap, juiciness and nostalgia.

    Don't underestimate the value of nostalgia. Food is always better when it's personal, and a seemingly simple hot dog can take you back to a family picnic that is otherwise no longer possible.

    So, here are my Fav 5, just in time for your next summer cookout.

    5. Nathan's

    Its beefy goodness, along with a root beer, is the "tastetrack" of Coney Island, the capital city of hot dogs. A trip to the boardwalk is incomplete without one.

    4. Sabrett

    This is my baseball game hot dog. Each bite takes me back to chants of "Der-ek Je-ter" and another clutch RBI. I dub it "The Captain" of hot dogs, and it pairs perfectly with an overpriced stadium Budweiser.

    3. Hebrew National

    The best widely accessible supermarket hot dog in the business. The proprietary blend of spices created in 1905 sets this all-beef kosher dog apart from its contemporaries.

    Top it with kraut and pickles and enjoy with your favorite ice-cold pilsner.

    2. Wardynski's

    Polish butchers are the patron saints of Great Lakes-region hot dogs, and while Chicago gets a lot of deserved attention, I think the best dogs come from Buffalo.

    This beef and pork dog in natural sheep casing offers an exceptional snap when you take that first bite off the grill.

    Wegmans, a Rochester-based grocery chain that has expanded into southeastern Pennsylvania, carries them if you're not up for a western New York road trip.

    1. Sahlen's

    It takes a super sheep intestine to make a dynamic dog.

    Another Buffalo-based natural casing hot dog, the Sahlen Packing Co. Has been making my family's favorite frank since 1869, and I like to believe that my Civil War veteran great-great-grandfather, Conrad Seeber, enjoyed a Sahlen's snap during a Grand Army of the Republic reunion in south Buffalo's Cazenovia Park.

    Unfortunately, Wegmans stopped carrying this brand during the pandemic. But trust me, they're worth the road trip.

    Did you know that July 20 is National Hot Dog Day? Mark your calendar but don't wait that long to bun up to the summit of Mount Sandwich.

    Fire up the grill and let's get chubby!


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    Iconic Houston Hot Dog Spot Opens New Location On Washington Ave.

    It was the first Friday night for their new location -- a tiny spot on the corner of an aging strip center on Houston's popular Washington Avenue.

    HOUSTON — Thousands of Houston hot dog fans are rejoicing after a beloved spot is now open after a long wait.

    Fans of YoYo's Hot Dogs stood in line Friday night at the intersection of Parker and Washington Avenue to get a taste of a Houston favorite that you can't get anywhere else.

    It was the first Friday night for their new location -- a tiny spot on the corner of an aging strip center where for $8 you can get a drink and one of YoYo's famous dogs.

    "My name is Danny Kim. I own the hot dog shop YoYo's Hot Dogs. People started calling me 'YoYo,' so, I'm YoYo," owner Danny Kim said. "I'm very excited and my customers are excited, too."

    It all started for Kim in a parking lot in Rice Village -- it's the place where most fans had their first YoYo experience.

    "I'm seeing this line and I'm, like, what's going on? And then, someone is, like, 'It's hot dogs." I'm, like, hot dogs? Are you kidding me," one customer said.

    Yes, hot dogs -- AKA "Heaven on Earth."

    It's much more than an Oscar Meyer on a piece of bread. YoYo is a professionally trained sushi chef from Los Angeles and he created something unique -- something you won't find anywhere else.

    "I put my sushi experience into the hot dog," Kim said. "We put some cream cheese on the bun, then the all-beef hot dog and we put some caramelized onion, Korean-infused caramelized onion, we put some Indian/Pakistan fried onion on top of it. And we put some sushi experience, sauce on top."

    The new spot opened Thursday night after an ownership dispute with a former partner was finally settled. YoYo said he sold out by 12:30 a.M. And had to lock the door earlier than planned.

    "We sold about 800 hot dogs yesterday," he said.

    He said he expected to sell more on Friday night.

    For first-timers, YoYo insists customers try his hot dog as it comes -- with everything on it. If you don't like it after you try it, he'll make you another one to your specifications for free.

    The Cheesecake Factory Lunch Menu With Prices &amp; Hours [Updated June 2024] (2024)


    Is cheesecake factory lunch portion smaller? ›

    Every day before 5 p.m., you can order lunch-sized pastas, salads, chicken dishes, and salmon dishes. They're smaller and cheaper than the full-sized portions.

    Did Cheesecake Factory raise their prices? ›

    Menu prices at The Cheesecake Factory were 10.5% higher in the second quarter than they were a year ago. But same-store sales rose just 1.5% as customers visited less and ordered less food when they did. Traffic was down 3.7% in the period year over year at the 211-unit chain, while menu mix fell 5.4%.

    What kind of bread does Cheesecake Factory serve? ›

    Loved around the world, our brown bread baguette is a Cheesecake Factory signature taste – available to enjoy at home in Mini Baguettes, Dinner Rolls, Sandwich Bread - and now Bakery Buns!

    What are the busiest times at Cheesecake Factory? ›

    The dinner rush usually peaks around 7 and 8 p.m., so bookending those times offers a better chance of snagging a table without an extended wait. Of course, patience is key. Even with these strategies, there might be a short wait.

    Are lunch menu items smaller? ›

    The typical person eats less at lunch than during dinner in the USA. That is also why lunch portions (at restaurants with separate lunch and dinner menus) are smaller and less expensive than dinner portions of the same items.

    How much is a portion of cheesecake? ›

    Determining Serving Size for Cheesecake

    Decide on a standard serving size, typically 1-2 ounces for a petite treat or 3-4 ounces for a more substantial dessert. Using a knife or serving utensil, cut the cheesecake into portions that meet your desired serving size.

    What is the lawsuit against Cheesecake Factory? ›

    National restaurant chain The Cheesecake Factory and some of its contractors have paid $1 million to settle a major California wage theft case, in which state labor officials accused the companies of stiffing hundreds of janitors of overtime pay and breaks.

    Why is cheesecake so expensive? ›

    Quality Ingredients: High-quality cheesecakes are often made with premium ingredients such as cream cheese, high-quality dairy, and sometimes specialty toppings and flavorings. These ingredients can be more expensive compared to basic cake ingredients.

    Can you ask for more bread at The Cheesecake Factory? ›

    That's because the brown bread is both free and unlimited when you dine in. If you've eaten at The Cheesecake Factory before, you'll also notice that you might not even have to ask for more bread. Instead, the basket is refilled like clockwork throughout your meal.

    Why is Cheesecake Factory brown bread so good? ›

    The full-bodied rich flavor comes from the unique essence of molasses, and cocoa powder enhances the bread's brown coloring while also injecting that subtle chocolate flavor picked up by young bread nibblers. Espresso powder goes hand in hand with cocoa powder to augment chocolate notes and aromas.

    Is brown bread really healthy? ›

    Brown bread is usually a healthier alternative to regular white bread, but not every brown bread you eat has 100 percent whole wheat grains. Sometimes commercial and bulk production ends up adulterating the bread with non-whole grain or refined flour as a filler. So, always check the labels and packaging.

    Is sourdough bread healthy? ›

    The Bottom Line. Sourdough has made a comeback—and for good reason. It provides nutrients, including healthy carbs, protein, fiber, iron and vitamins like folic acid. It may help improve digestion, lower chronic disease risk and even promote healthy aging.

    What should I order at cheesecake Factory for the first time? ›

    What to Order Your First Time at the Cheesecake Factory
    • Shepherd's Pie. ...
    • Chicken and Biscuits. ...
    • Jamaican Black Pepper Shrimp. ...
    • Macaroni and Cheese Burger. ...
    • Avocado Eggrolls. ...
    • Roasted Pear and Blue Cheese Flatbread. ...
    • Shrimp and Chicken Gumbo. ...
    • Flying Gorilla.

    Do celebrities go to cheesecake Factory? ›

    Let's hear it for the Cheesecake Factory! The restaurant chain, known for its impressively long menu, has been a celebrity favorite for years. Dating back to Kris Jenner's shoutout in her 1985 music video "I Love My Friends," famous faces have not shied away from sharing their love for the eatery.

    Do cheesecake Factory servers keep their tips? ›

    5 answers. No, you work for your own tips unless you are a bartender or busser.

    Why are portions so big in Cheesecake Factory? ›

    As for why they're so huge, it's deliberate. David Marshall Overton, the founder and CEO, the guy who's behind the 250 item menu which defies conventional restaurant logic, is also the guy who wanted the portions to be ginormous.

    How many servings are in a Cheesecake Factory cheesecake? ›

    All cheesecakes and specialty cakes come in 10-inch sizes, serving 12 – 15 people.

    How many portions in a cheesecake? ›

    The 8" Cheesecake would serve approximately 8-12 portions.

    How do you portion a cheesecake? ›

    If cutting the cake into 12 even slices, begin by cutting the cake into quarters, then cut each quarter into thirds. Want to cut your cheesecake into 16 slices? First cut the cake into quarters, cut each quarter in half, and each half into a half.


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