The 29 Best New Hotel Suites in the World (2024)

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2 weeks ago

Elite Traveler selects the best hotel openings from the last 18 months for its latest collection of Top Suites.

By Alex Martin

The 29 Best New Hotel Suites in the World (1)

The luxury hotel scene has been in full swing over the last 18 months, with a glut of new openings changing the landscape (in some cases literally) and raising the bar for service, amenities and accommodation. To celebrate this ever-changing face of luxury, Elite Traveler has launched its inaugural list of the Top New Hotel Suites, covering the best openings and the rooms within them.

In this first edition, we’ve cast our net back across the last 18 months to the start of 2023. In future editions, we’ll reduce the timeframe to 12 months. We looked at every luxury opening in meticulous detail, covering dozens of brands and otherwise unheard-of independents.

We wanted hotels that brought something genuinely new to their location, whether that was a remote island or the center of a major city. It had to have a bold design, Michelin-worthy restaurants and, most importantly, a top suite that would entice our UHNW readership away from their old favorites. Out of hundreds of options, just 29 hotels met our criteria.

As with all our Top Suite lists, including Wellness, City, Beach and Family, we've focused as much on the suite as the hotel. We believe a truly luxurious hotel can only be measured by its top key, where the floorplan – and the price –can be many times the size of a standard room. It also means different amenities, more personable service and the best views.

You can explore the full list in depth by clicking here, but we've included some of our favorites below.

Makana Penthouse, 1 Hotel Hanalei Bay

The 29 Best New Hotel Suites in the World (2)

1 Hotels has been on the growth offensive recently, with recent openings in London and Brooklyn and new ones on the way in Copenhagen and Austin. The eco-conscious brand has a knack for bringing the environment into the city, but at Hanalei Bay, it's plotted itself right in the heart of nature's greatest show.


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1 Hotel Hanalei Bay boasts 252 breezy nature-inspired rooms and suites, thoughtfully adorned with soft rugs, potted plants and hand-woven wall decorations. Materials have been sourced sustainably and locally – think black basalt tiles and plenty of reclaimed teak furnishings.

The Makana Penthouse comes with all the usual trimmings of a top suite, including a dining room and a private terrace, but also other perks like spa treatments (up to two), a dedicated Audi e-tron for exploring the island and a daily PT session.

Villa One, One&Only One Za'abeel

The 29 Best New Hotel Suites in the World (6)

When it comes to lavish hotels,Dubaihas its fair share. Now, the City of Gold has added yet another glamorous property to its burgeoning collection: One&Only One Za'abeel.

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Set within the One Za'abeel development – a striking pair of skyscrapers connected by the world’s longest cantilever, The Link – thehotellooks set to become one of the hottest addresses in Dubai.

The most exclusive suite is Villa One, a sprawling abode spanning over 8,100 sq-ft. Taking luxury to ever-greater heights, the penthouse features a private outdoor infinity pool, cinema, open kitchen and dedicated host to take care of your every need, so you won’t need to lift a finger during your stay.

Two-bedroom Presidential Suite, The St. Regis Chicago

The 29 Best New Hotel Suites in the World (10)

Even if you have never heard of the brand’s luxurious global reputation, it’s hard to ignore The St. Regis Chicago. The hotel opened its doors in 2023 and immediately became an instant hit on Chicago’s hospitality scene.The 101-story tower was instantly a staple in the city’s distinctive skyline, becoming the third tallest at 1,198 ft. It’s also a significant building globally as it is the tallest in the world designed by a female architect, Jeanne Gang.

Commanding the ninth floor, the Two-bedroom Presidential Suite offers a taste of The St. Regis living. KTGY Simeone Deary Design Group, the design team that worked on the suite, was largely inspired by the city’s rich architectural history as well as its myriad of carefully planned green spaces and twisting shorelines.

Presidential Suite, Regent Hong Kong

The 29 Best New Hotel Suites in the World (11)

Sitting at the edge of Victoria Harbour on the coveted Kowloon waterfront, Regent Hong Kong sits proudly following the 2023 unveiling following a $1.2bn transformation from what was previously an InterContinental. The Regent brand's flagship property has been re-envisioned by prominent designer Chi Wing Lo to represent a modern iteration of Hong Kong.

Regent Hong Kong has 497 rooms, incorporating 129 suites, most with views of Victoria Harbour, ranging across 17 floors, culminating in the Presidential Suite’s 7,000 sq-ft of unrestrained opulence. With a private terrace, handcrafted Milanese furniture and extendable up to five bedrooms, the Presidential Suite is undoubtedly one of Hong Kong’s most coveted accommodations.

Alex Martin

Alex Martin is the editor-in-chief at Elite Traveler.

The 29 Best New Hotel Suites in the World (2024)


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