Journey and the Lost Treasure of Killer Cove - chapter 5 (2024)


The 2 preteens and their newfound friend were gathered in a cave, and back on track. Journey looked at the little pup, with his big blue eyes and soft but knotted fur coat.

"Awww Scout," Journey called.

Immediately the pup came trotting over and stood right in front of Journey.

"How did you know that his name was Scout?" Max asked.

"I just...knew," Journey recalled, stroking the pup's fur. She pulled out a red bandana from her bag and put it around the pup's neck, he didn't have a collar.

Scout wagged his tail, clearly pleased with his new accessory. The trio took a moment to catch their breath and gather their bearings. Journey spread out the map, illuminated by the faint light filtering into the cave.

"Alright, we're back on track," she said, tracing their route with her finger. "Thunder Cove should be just a little further to the east."

Max nodded, his eyes scanning the map. "We should get moving before it gets dark."

Journey agreed, folding the map and tucking it into her bag. She stood up and looked at the path ahead. "Let's go. Stay close, Scout."

They ventured out of the cave, with Scout trotting happily beside them. The air was cooler now, and the faint smell of sulfur was replaced with the fresh scent of the forest. As they walked, the ground beneath them seemed more stable, and the distant rumbling of the volcano grew quieter.

Journey led the way, her eyes constantly scanning the surroundings for any signs of danger. Max kept a close eye on Scout, making sure the pup stayed close.

The path ahead took them through dense foliage, and soon they came upon the entrance to another cave. This one was darker and more foreboding than the one they had rested in.

"According to the map, this is Creature Cavern," Journey said, her voice tinged with apprehension. "We'll have to go through it to reach Thunder Cove."

Max gulped, his eyes widening as he peered into the shadowy depths of the cave. "Are you sure we have to go through there?"

Journey nodded. "It's the quickest way. If we try to go around, we might get lost or run out of daylight."

With a deep breath, they stepped into the cavern, their flashlights flickering on to illuminate the way. The cave was eerily silent at first, the only sounds being the echoes of their footsteps and the occasional drip of water from the ceiling.

As they moved deeper into the cavern, the atmosphere grew more oppressive. The air was thick with the smell of damp earth and something else—something musty and alive. Journey's flashlight beam caught the glint of countless tiny eyes staring back at them from the darkness.

"Bats," she whispered, pointing to the ceiling where dozens of the creatures hung upside down, their wings wrapped around their bodies.

"Let's keep moving," Max said, his voice trembling slightly.

They continued through the cave, the narrow passageways twisting and turning. The ground was uneven and slippery, making each step a careful effort. Scout stayed close to Journey, his ears perked up and alert.

Suddenly, a rustling sound echoed through the cavern, followed by a series of hisses. Journey's flashlight beam swept across the floor, revealing a writhing mass of snakes. She froze, her heart pounding in her chest.

"Snakes," she said, her voice barely above a whisper.

Max swallowed hard. "Just stay calm. We'll go around them."

They carefully skirted the edge of the snake pit, their movements slow and deliberate. Scout, sensing the danger, stayed close to Journey's side. Once they were past the snakes, they continued deeper into the cave.

The next challenge came in the form of a swarm of insects, their wings buzzing loudly as they filled the air around them. Journey and Max waved their hands frantically, trying to keep the bugs at bay as they pressed forward.

"This place is a nightmare," Max muttered, swatting at the insects.

Journey nodded in agreement. "But we have to keep going. We're almost there."

Just when they thought things couldn't get worse, they heard a low growl echoing through the cavern. Journey's flashlight beam caught the outline of a large, shadowy figure lurking in the darkness. It was too far away to make out clearly, but the growl sent shivers down their spines.

"What is that?" Max whispered, his voice barely audible."I don't know," Journey replied, her grip tightening on the flashlight. "But we need to move quickly and quietly."

They picked up the pace, their footsteps light and cautious. The growling grew louder, but they didn't dare look back. The passageways twisted and turned, and finally, after what felt like an eternity, they saw a faint light up ahead.

"That's the exit," Journey said, relief flooding her voice.

The three started for the exit when behind them, and along with the growling, something got thrown against the wall. The whole cavern shook and the entrance shut.

Journey and the Lost Treasure of Killer Cove - chapter 5 (2024)


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