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Tri-Conference One Staff Covenant

Tri-Conference One Staff Covenant

Thursday, October 27, 2016 - 10:15

A New Day is Dawning...

At the Iowa Conference Annual Meeting on October 22nd, the Iowa Conference was the last of the three partners to vote overwhelming to enter into the Tri-Conference One Staff Covenant.  A ceremonial signing of the covenant was carried out by the Reverend Rich Pleva, Conference Minister of the Iowa Conference, the Reverend Roddy Dunkerson, Conference Minister of the Nebraska Conference, and the Reverend Gordon Rankin, Conference Minister of the South Dakota Conference.  (For legal purposes, the covenant will soon be signed by the Chairs of three Board of Directors with much less pomp and circumstance.)  

The next steps to transition into the new ways of doing ministry will  begin immediately. The Tri-Conference Executive Committee and the Executive Conference Minister Search Committee will begin their work in the next couple of days.

Banner:  Left to Right:  Rev. Gordon Rankin, South Dakota Conference Minister; Rev. Roddy Dunkerson, Nebraska Conference Minister, and Rev. Rich Pleva, Iowa Conference Minister