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Norfolk Youth Mission Trip to Pine Ridge Reservation July 8-15

Norfolk Youth Mission Trip to Pine Ridge Reservation July 8-15

Wednesday, August 2, 2017 - 11:00

First Congregational UCC - Norfolk sent 4 youth and 4 adults to Re-Member to serve the Oglala Lakota people living on Pine Ridge Reservation, South Dakota, July 8-14. Along with 53 other volunteers, they worked on trailer home skirting and siding, decking, a wheelchair ramp; and built bunkbeds and outhouses. They toured Wounded Knee, Red Cloud School, hiked the Badlands and visited “Feather II”, future home of Re-Member. Each morning began with Wisdom of the Elders; each evening included a guest speaker and opportunities to learn about the Oglala Lakota people.


With the support of the congregation, they raised funds through: an outdoor jazz concert and meal, a Star Quilt raffle, Christmas Cookie sale, and two potlucks. Throughout the year, the group sold ‘shares’ in the trip for $20. The mission team mailed postcard to the ‘Shareholders’ from the reservation and invitation to the Shareholders’ Dinner where the youth prepared the meal and shared their personal stories and reflections of their experience.


Guided by the Oglala Lakota communities they serve, Re-Member seeks to improve life on reservation through relationships, shared resources and volunteer services.